Outsourcing sales service for brands in the construction and interior design sector

We achieve the sell-out objectives planned with the customer, thanks to the perfect combination of sales and marketing strategies.

We offer a global approach, keeping the customer at the center of all our activities. We operate according to strict principles of territoriality, capillarity, and specialization in the construction sector.
Agility is the key word today to be competitive and create value. The answer is the outsourcing of the sales force, which allows you to define, manage and monitor direct management between costs and results in a flexible and scalable way.

Our team of qualified sales agents is our strong point.


Sales strategy

We optimize the structure and the cadence of the sales force visits, we develop new approaches to quickly address the messages of communication where and when it is needed.



We make dynamism, capillarity and organization the winning weapons to seize market opportunities and generate sell out for our customers.



Over the years we have acquired a strong qualification and specialization in the construction sector, operating according to strict principles of territoriality.